Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stressful Jobs – How Do You Handle It

Everyone is feeling stressed at some point during work. Sometimes, you cannot avoid stress. Therefore, you need to know how to handle stress when it hits you.

1. Breathe
Correct breathing technique can help you reduce your stress level. Get more oxygen to clear your mind from all the clutters. Get away from your office and get some fresh air when you start to feel the stress.

2. Go With The Flow
You cannot control how your projects go along. However, you can take one step at a time and just go with the flow.

3. Sleep
Not getting enough sleep is going to increase the chances of being stressful. Make sure you get enough rest so that your body feels refreshing.

4. Positivity
You might be having a bad day but that doesn’t mean you have to frown the whole day at work. Try to smile at least once and feel the difference. Otherwise, it is time to hit some jokes on the internet for some laugh.

5. Clean Up Your Office
Having a messy work area is also contributing to stress because you are having trouble finding what you need in a mess. It is time to clean up your work area to combat with stress.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stop procrastinating!

I encounter that being procrastinate is always make things failured.. And it's really bad habit when we being assigned doing thing and always complete last minute, i wish to share my find as for guidance to improve time management, here go:

1. Recognize that procrastination stems from habit. New habits will be needed, and these take time and commitment to develop.

2. Harold Taylor defines procrastination as the intentional and habitual postponement of an important task that should be done now.

3. Understand the cause for procrastination, then develop strategies to fix it.

4. Recognize the difference between an appropriate decision to delay, and an irrational postponement without justification.

5. Fix procrastination by working on a) tasks and b) your environment:

1. Unpleasant tasks
Unpleasant tasks rarely turn out to be as bad as you think.
Complete these tasks first. Schedule them for early in the day. Give yourself a reward for doing them.

2.Complex Projects
Something looms ahead of you: starting a small business, getting a job, preparing the annual budget. The job is too big or will take too long to do now, so you put it off.
Break large jobs into smaller, more manageable tasks. Plan and complete a start-up task, no matter how small.

3. Indecision
People delay because they can't make up their minds.
Determine a time for making a decision and the criteria for making it. Share your deadline with someone else.

4. Fear of failure (lack of self confidence)
People don't want to face the consequences of failure, so they delay. (Some people suffer from fear of success too!)

Develop a clear mental picture of the completed task and how you will feel at that time. Maintain a focus on the end result, not just the process. Remind yourself how good you'll feel when you're finished.

5.Lack of interest
You are tired or lazy. You're just not very interested in the task.
Reward yourself for accomplishments. Go out for special lunches when major projects are completed. If you don't earn the reward, don't take it.
Schedule the task for when you will be at your peak.

6. Perfectionism
People delay because they want to get the project perfect.
Set deadlines for yourself. Tell other people your deadlines and encourage them to check up on you.

Maintain your high standards, but recognize that sometimes 80% for you may well be 100% for someone else. Don't spend hours conducting a detailed cost breakdown when a rough estimate would suffice.

7. Hostility towards a boss
People delay because they don't like the person who assigned the task.
Review with your boss what exactly is needed. Clarify the expectations.
Make a game out of unpleasant tasks. Give yourself points, or do a running commentary on yourself as you do the task.

8. Distraction, lack of focus
Sometimes losing concentration causes delays.
Create a to-do list with priorities.
Block your time for projects.
As you get distracted from a work project, make a rule that you are not allowed to move out of your chair, make a call, surf the net, pick up a book etc. until you return to your task.
Complete something. Make a very small task for yourself and finish it. Very small. Then, make another one.

Tailor your environment for work. Close your door, clean up the clutter on your desk.
Remove distractions such as water coolers, snacks, in-boxes, coffee machines and magazine racks.

If you work at home, treat your office as an office. Don't go out to lunch before lunchtime or watch television before the end of the day.
Tell your family that you are not to be disturbed in your home office.

I strongly agreed, by plan, schedule and being decpline these two may lead towards succesful in every work we do.! cheers~

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Happy New Year 2010"

Year 2009 will be leaving soon..
Everyone give new hopes to 2010.
2009 will be history
2010 is mystery
Now is a gift... that why it's called 'present'
I wish happy new year 2010!
I wish wonderful life ahead to everyone!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

"boys vs girls"

I received recent mail that put me out to post it in the blog; i definitely love to have that kind of expression. It's slightly true and it might be shared with and as guidance for us especially for those who have looking for "human charectoristic on gender"..
I have no idea the facts are true or not, but most what i seen are correct. I learned that understanding of human charecter may lead us to become 'naturalist'. huh~
Please take a look;- cheers!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"good lesson"

Look at yourself in the mirror,
Smile and say hi"
then practice every morning,
You will see the result in couple weeks,
The people surrounding you will smile..

Smile's a millions dollar value..
Please try" :)